Transportation from Upolu to Savaii is available by ferry from Mulifanua to Salelologa return.

These ferries are operated by Samoa Shipping Corporation who have a number of vessels.

  1. Lady Samoa III: A large vehicular ferry that can accommodate 30 cars and 200 passengers.  The cost of the vessel is $12.00 per person for a one way ticket.  This entitles you to sit on the lounge or out on deck.  For the more discerning guest, business class is available for $50.00 per person one way which provides you with a small snack, television entertainment and your own toilet facilities in an air conditioned private lounge.  Cost of cars – small $95.00;  large $110.00:
  2. Lady Samoa II: Is a smaller vehicular ferry but all vehicles like the Lady Samoa III are all transported in the vessel   The fares are the same being $12.00 per person one way but it does not have a business class service.  The cost of cars are the same as Lady Samoa III.
  3. Fotu Samoa: Is a landing barge and vehicles and passenger are stored on deck.  We recommend that our guests endeavour to combine their travel plans to coincide with Lady Samoa III or II if possible because of the maintenance provisions the traffic sailing times and sailings of various vessels are changed from time to time.  We therefore recommend you confirm sailings and vessels with the Samoa Shipping website.  Stevensons is also happy to answer any queries should you wish.

Please check out the Samoa Shipping Corporation for up to date shipping times and information

Savaii Tourism Association has an information booth at Mulifanua which is open Mondays to Fridays from 7:30 am to 3:30 pm.  You can purchase tea or coffee and small snacks and refreshments for a small price while you await your ferry to Savaii.  There is plenty of free friendly atmosphere and comfortable loungers; and wireless Internet for all business commuting passengers.


Airlines who currently serve Samoa are as follows: (please contact the airlline of your choice directly).

Car Rentals

There are numerous car rental companies for those wishing to make prior arrangements to bring a car from Upolu.  Please click on the following companies for reservations.

For those wishing to hire cars in Savaii, we have car rentals available on site. The cost per day is $165WST and all paperwork including getting your Samoan license can be done at reception. Contact us now for more information.

Car rental companies on Upolu:

Bike Rentals
We now have bikes for hire. Its a great way to get out and about to see the surrounding area. Half day hire $30WST and a full day hire is $40WST. Bike rentals can be sorted at our reception. Contact us now for more information